Working with children and schools, we know that our jobs change all the time. I've taken on a new position, working online with students who can't always make it in the classroom, often due to medical issues. These students work with their parents at home on some curriculum, and spend part of the time online with me in a virtual classroom as well. This year, I have several students who have spent extensive time at Arkansas Children's Hospital and at home due to various medical conditions. Teaching students from home is always a challenging task, and even more challenging is teaching parents how to incorporate all the new and innovative things that we do in our classrooms, like Brain Breaks!

Luckily for me, GoNoodle has that one covered. I signed my families up for GoNoodle accounts and let them go crazy with the Brain Breaks! I use these Brain Breaks in my classes and with my extended home stay students, and I have seen amazing results. In class, students are refreshed and ready to continue studying, and they look eagerly toward our next break. At home, parents and students rave about the options they have to move around. A mix of energetic and calming brain breaks, even my most bedridden students can participate in the various Common Core aligned activities.

My personal favorite is BodySpell-a fun, interactive game where students spell words with their bodies along with the screen. Such a great way to get my reluctant readers thinking about words! My kid's favorite part? The little monster that you get to level up as you complete activities. They love to see the little sayings every time we log in, and beg to work on leveling him up to see what he'll look like next!

Want to use GoNoodle with your students? Check out this link and sign up for your FREE account, available to teachers EVERYWHERE!