While the new year has been here for a few days now, I'm still adding to my New Years resolutions. They are simple-I'm not one to make resolutions about life changes or something so drastic I probably won't make it to February. In my mind, those changes are better made after winter is over and I finally thaw out for the year. Not all of my resolutions are education related, but almost all of them are book related.

1. I resolve to spend my Christmas money on a new chair and bookshelf for the office, to carve out a reading space in the same room my husband will often be found in the evenings. I resolve to do it now, and not keep putting it off until I finally forget or use the money for something else. Besides, we NEED another bookshelf, our current ones are stacked and piled deep, with books spilling out.

2. I resolve to read some adult books-not the racy or questionable kind, but books written for adults, by adults, instead of just YA all the time. I'm starting with Dee Henderson's newest book.

3. I will read all the YA books I have (and review them) before dragging my husband to the store to spend the $50 book gift card I got for Christmas.

4. I will share with you my personal book list challenge for the year, so that you can read along if you wish.

5. I will not openly mock people when they find out that I teach English, and feel the need to tell me that they hate reading, or that reading isn't for adults, or that it's been years since they've picked up a book, or that there is no reason they should ever have to read anything but work emails and a TV guide again. Ok, so let's be real. This one might not happen. 

6. I will give my students and parents better book list suggestions this year, and will refrain from throwing Magic Tree House, Flat Stanley, and A to Z Mysteries at anyone who asks what their struggling reader should try. Not that they are bad books, but anyone can suggest those. I should be able to come up with more than that-I'm supposed to be the expert!

7. I will finish my novel. I will finish my novel. I will finish my novel... (Clicks heels together)

What book and education resolutions have you made this year? Any I need to add to my list?