Protractors, Angles, and Math, Oh My!

So this is the type of week it has been. A week of Mondays, as my husband put it. (And yes, that stool is very broken)

But my kids have absolutely ROCKED at learning to use protractors to measure angles this week!!
We did a sorting activity with angles (Obtuse, Right, Acute), and then measured them to the whole degree. They worked with partners, and you wouldn't believe the math language I heard them using! :)

We also did another angle measuring activity, and one of my students looked right at me and said:

"Mrs. R, this isn't math, this is fun!"

Bless him. He has no idea how much that made my day. So now I'm working on putting some finishing touches on it. Be prepared for an awesome freebie when I get it together!



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