Island of Fog Book Review

Book Title: Island of Fog
Author: Keith Robinson
Publish Date: 2009
Publisher: Unearthly Tales
Series: Island of Fog series book 1

Island of Fog Book Review | Elements of Elementary
Island of Fog by Keith Robinson

Suggested Grade: 5th, 6th

Suggested Format: Individual Reading

Book Format: Currently e-book only


Hal lives on an island with 7 other 12 year olds and their families. He knows life is a bit different, because they have only ever seen the fog, and sometimes their parents mention what life used to be like. Hal and his friends have never questioned their life too much, but all of that changes quickly when the children begin to change into monsters! What is going on? Can they trust their parents? What about the mysterious Miss Simone who appears from somewhere else?

Hal and his friends have to find the truth, while avoiding the mysterious and violent Manticore who has appeared on the island and trying desperately not to become the monsters they fear.

A real page turner! It can be a bit confusing, because there are lots of unknown variables, but the overall premise is great. Written in a casual but meaningful way, students will find themselves truly living vicariously through Hal and his friends as they battle monsters, parents, and themselves. A great story, questions are finally answered, but the reader knows that the adventures for Hal and his friend are not finished! 

Teacher's Notes: 
I love this book for my 5th grade students. It is fun and exciting, but is not too complex or scary for any student in the class. It holds the attention of even my more reluctant students, and is perfect for students that do not enjoy the traditional classic middle grade books. I recommend this series for every 5th and 6th grade classroom library.

Overall: 10/10

How I Got the Book: Classroom e-book library

Suggested Interests: Mystery, Action, Fantasy, Fiction


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