My Top 10 Pinterest Pins from July 2015

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is putting off Back to School planning by "planning" on Pinterest! Today while I was in one of those wandering, searching modes on Pinterest, I realized I was trying to repin ideas I had found last year. Even more embarrassing for myself-they were great ideas that I had never used in my classroom because I forgot they were there!

If I'm trying to save this great idea more than once, I MUST really like it, right? So I decided to make a list of my top 10. What pins have been repinned and shared the most this month, and what pins am I still wanting to use for Back to School? 

Here are my Top 10:

1. A Peek at the Week: A great free resource to help get us organized for Back to School! Original Blog post by Ms. Houser here.

2. Back to School Read Alouds for Big Kids: I can't wait to try some of these out! Original blog post by Mrs. Beer's Language Arts Class here.

3. 9 Math YouTube Channels for Kids: Do I even need to explain this one? :) Original post by IGameMom here.

4. 10 Rhetorical Questions Teachers Shouldn't Ask, & 10 Effective Replacements: This is something I always need to work on! Original blog post by Blair Turner here.

5. Grungeball: A fun way to engage kiddos in multiple subject areas. Original blog post on To Engage them All here.

6. 7 Great Apps for Social Studies: With a 1-1 classroom, I'm always looking for great new apps. Original article on EdTech Review here.

7. Team building activities for Back to School: I really want to incorporate more team building and group activities this year. Original blog post on Runde's Room here.

8. Make Thinking Visible - Tug of War: I am trying this on DAY ONE with my class! (I have tried to repin this so many times lately, so I must really want to try it!) Original blog post by Secondgradealicious here.

9. Order of Operations Madness: It's back and better than ever! Math that my boys (and girls!) LOVE. I am definitely utilizing this again this year! TPT product link here.

10. Close Reading in general. This one was a tie, so I included a pin that links to lots of great Close Reading activities. I use all of these in the classroom every year, some as whole group activities, and some as small group intervention or assessment. TPT product link here.

There you are, (and there I am!) my Top 10 Pinterest Pins from July 2015. I can't wait to utilize these in...17 days! YIKES!

What are your top 10 pins for the month? I would love for you to share in the comments below!


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