Book Title: Armstrong -
The Adventurous Journey of a Mouse to the Moon
Author: Torben Kuhlmann
Publish Date: 2016
Publisher: NorthSouth Books

Elements of Elementary Book Review | Armstrong -- The Adventurous Journey of a Mouse to the Moon
Armstrong by Torben Kuhlmann

Suggested Grade: 3rd & up

Suggested Format: Read aloud, Individual, Small group

Armstrong is a mouse with his eyes pointed at space. Unlike his fellow mice, he is quite sure that the moon is a rock, and is not made of cheese. After meeting an old mouse from the Smithsonian and learning about the history of airplanes and mice, he begins to design the equipment for a trip to the moon. With a few struggles, some ingenuity, and a few disasters, Armstrong heads to the moon with his spacesuit and rocket-powered spaceship.

Teacher's Notes: 
This is an AMAZING book for teaching some of the science and details behind space exploration. It's also wonderful for discussing failure, hard work, and creativity, even when others are negative. There are lots of opportunities for students to focus on STEM skills. 
The illustrations and words are wonderfully detailed and historically and scientifically sound. There are tons of great details hiding in the story and images, which make this book so much more than just a picture book.

Overall: 10/10

How I Got the Book: NetGalley ebook

Suggested Interests: space, STEM, fiction, science


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